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Bears seen in 2016:

This table will be used to document the bears that have been seen so far in the 2016 season.  It will primarily be updated by park staff, however, if you know of a bear we are missing, please suggest that it be added where appropriate, and include photos or other documentation of it being seen.  Pictures and detailed information are organized by month below the table.  

2016 Bears Seen Summer & Fall Bear Monitoring Sessions from KNP&P ~ via LaniH's 12/02/2016 comment

Please note the folowing abbreviations used below:

b4 = Before

bio = Biological offspring

BF = Brooks Falls

C = Courting

D = Darted, successfully darted in 2016

LR = Lower river

M = Mating

USD - Unsuccessfully darted in 2016

w/ = With

YO or yo = Year old

YRL'ng = Yearling


Bear #

Nickname May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec N/A N/A N/A
32 Chunk 5/4

6/12 C & 6/13 M

was 747 not 32

 X X X
45 Tatonka
51 Diver Jr 6/21
68 "Rie's Bear"






Wayne Brother

6/15  X X X
89 Backpack  5/31 6/22  X X
92 Enigma




6/15  Yes 6/16

 X X X X
274 Overflow 6/28  X
293 Long Neck
469 "Patches" ?
480 Otis 6/30  X X X X

503 Subadult


"Cubadult" 5/21 w/435   6/4 Indep. Subadult  ? X X X X
634 Popeye 6/22  X 9/30  ?



10/7  ?

747 "Colbert" 5/22

6/1 or 6/2 w/unid'd female

6/12 C & 6/13 M w/435

 X X x

Scare D. Bear

  X  X
775 Lefty


b4 6/26

814 Lurch 6/23  X



6/10 LR

6/24 BF

 X X
879 X X x
Unknown boar with deformed nose and left shoulder scar 9/26


Bear #

Nickname May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec COY YRL'ng Older Cubs
39 (formerly 171/2016 then 153/2017) 10/3





X X 1



Grazer 6/18  X X X X   3



6/7 & 6/22  w/3 - 2.5 Year Old Cubs   X X X Three 2.5 YO

(now 39)

171 7/9 & B4 3






6/11  X X X X






"Electra" 6/23 7/1 ?   2



? 6/19 & 6/20


 X X X



6/14  X X X X X  3 then 2



Beadnose 6/17  X X X   2



Four-Ton 6/13  X X X X
424 "Mini 410"
425 Jan




w/ Both cubs 05/21

6/12 C & 6/13 M Single Female   X X X

5/21 w/ 1 2.5yo & 1 3.5yo

477 Sara X
482 Brett

500 Subadult

Indy 7/3 X

7/24 w2



8/1 w2 X X 2
505 7/3

600 Subadult

(854's 2014 YRL'ng)

602 Subadult




(Lone cub) X
700 Marge 7/5 & 7/6



7/17 8/1 Sept





435 cub X X X X X X X



708 Amelia 7/1 X X  2
744 Dent
813 Nostril Bear



Divot X X 3
??? Unid'd Sow 6/1 or 6/2 w/ 747
??? Unid'd Sow 6/9  2

UNID'd Sex Unknown

3 - by 5/17

1 - 6/4

2 - 6/13

Detailed Information & Pictures re: Bears Seen 2016:

May 2016:

2016.05.04 - 32 Chunk was the 1st bear sighting of the 2016 season.  KNP&P's 09:01 am facebook post   with Ranger Chad's photo .  KNP&P tweet and Ranger Chad's photo  On 2016.05.12 Ranger Jeanne confirmed the ID of this bear as 32 Chunk  Ranger Jeanne comments that 32 Chunk is "pretty fat still but it just speaks to how fat he was last fall".    On 2016.05.17 Ranger Dave confirmed ID of 32 Chunk as 1st bear sighted at Brooks Camp in the 2016 season.

2016.05.13 - 2016.05.15 - Ranger Dave informs cam viewers that "a few more bears were spotted by staff over the weekend, but no one had a camera handy. They "are seeing evidence of bears everywhere" they "look".   Ranger Dave did not have much information on the other bears that had been observed so far this season. He will be speaking to Ranger Leslie Skora, the park's bear monitor, as soon as possible to see if she has identified any others.

2016.05.21 - 435 Holly family group with her 2.5 year old biological female cub & 503, her adopted 3.5 year old male cub  - Ranger Dave shares the news that 435 Holly was observed with both her 2.5 year old biological cub and 503 her 3.5 year old adopted cub. Ranger Anela Ramos captured this photo of 503 while 435 Holly and her biological 2.5 year old female cub were out of the shot on the other side of the fish freezing building .  Ranger Dave also observed another bear at a distance in Research Bay.   Ranger Dave (David Kopshever), Ranger Anela Ramos (district interpreter), and Ranger Daniel (meida ranger) will try to get on next week to chat about their first experiences at Brooks Camp.  Ranger Daniel Lombardi, Visual Information Specialist, captures video of 435 Holly and both cubs; Ranger Tammy Carmack, Bear Technician, provides the audio information in the video.  

2016.05.23 - Ranger Mike Fitz shares his thoughts about 435 Holly being observed with both cubs in his Explore Blog:  Another summer with Holly and her cubs?   Ranger Daniel Lombardi , Visual Information Specialist, shares his first Brooks River bear experience in his Katmai Terrane Blog:  Brooks Camp, Week One .  

2016.05.31 - 89 Backpack 

June 2016:

2016.06.04 -  503 - On the afternoon of 6/4/2016 503 was observed "seemingly alone".  Ranger Daniel shares the following information on 06/05/2016 at 14:18 about this sighting of 503:   "Saturday afternoon, what appears to be 503, was seen walking around the lower Brooks River, seemingly alone.  It appears that 503 may now be on its own. Did its mother 435 chase it off? Did 503 decide to leave on its own? Or maybe it was forced to leave if 435 was courted by a larger male? And what about 435's biological cub? Has it been chased of as well? These are the questions swirling around Brooks Camp today.  We don't have any solid answers yet and might not ever. What we do know is that while the weaning process is probably stressful for the cub, the mother doesn’t make a conscious choice to keep or drive off her offspring. The biological processes of estrous dictates the events."  Ranger Daniel also shared these 2 photos of 503 taken on the afternoon of 6/4/2016:  503 Photo 1 from 6/4/2016 & 503 Photo 2 from 6/4/2016 

2016.06.04 -  Unidentified bear - On the afternoon of 6/4/2016 this bear was also observed in the same area of the lower river.

2016.06.07 -  132 with her three 2.5 year old cubs - On 2016.06.08 at 08:17 Ranger Daniel commented  that on "Tuesday (2016.06.07) afternoon a sow with three cubs walked down the Brooks RIver and around camp.  ID number and age of the cubs was difficult to ascertain.  I did observe something interesting though.  As you all probably know, bears are extremely food oriented.  That was illustrated when, despite obvious stresses, the bears continued to eat grass and horse tails.  Even as this family group was hazed out of camp they continued to eat.  One of the bear techs told me, ""bears are stress eaters!""  They have to eat enough in six months to survive for 12 so stressed or not they have to eat.  Soon enough the family made it down to the beach and went on their way."   Ranger Daniel also shared the following pics of the sow from 2016.06.07  & one of the three cubs from 2016.06.07

2016.06.09 - 'Sow with 2 yearlings - The 2016.06.12 edition of the  Brooks Lodge newsletter  provides information about a sow with 2 yearlings that were observed on the evening of 2016.06.09 outside of the Brooks Lodge dining hall.  Pictures of the family group were not included in the newsletter.  

2016.06.10 -  856 - On the evening of 2016.06.10 Ranger Daniel spent time at Brooks Falls.  On 2016.06.11, Ranger Daniel shared the following about his evening:   "Last night I was walking back from the falls feeling a little disappointed about not seeing any bears.  While crossing the floating bridge I took a moment to remind myself how many cool things I did see. I saw a Varied Thrush and Tree Swallows and Rainbow Trout and Arctic Grayling. I watched a Bald Eagle land in a huge Spruce Tree across the river. Heck, just seeing big Spruces that have survived beetle attacks is cool!  So I took another moment to watch the Tree Swallows flocking up on the bridge and when I glanced up there was a large dark bear standing on the point!  It swam across the river, grazed for awhile then headed farther south along the beach. While watching it I heard a noise behind me and was a little worried that it was another bear. I turned around and there was a porcupine in the tree!  How cool and special is it that Katmai National Park preserves such a diversity of life!?"       Ranger Daniel shared these pics of 856:  856 Pic 01   856 Pic 02  856 Pic 03    Ranger Jeanne helps with the ID of 856

2016.06.11  - 273 & yearling -  At approximately 14:23 Ranger Daniel observes 273 and her yearling  near the Brooks Camp.  He also shared this picture of the family group.    Ranger Dave  also shared this photo of 273 and her yearling.                  

2016.06.12 - 747 (originally ID'd as 32 Chunk) courting 435 Holly - "Breaking News" (note: 747 is the correct ID of the boar courting 435 Holly)  435 Holly and 747 (originally ID'd as 32 Chunk) have been spotted as a courting pair by the lower river heading towards the falls.  Ranger Dave shares this photo by Ranger Anela Ramos at 10:58.  At 10:59 Ranger Dave shares this photo of the courting couple (747 & 435 Holly) by Ranger Anela Ramos.  Ranger Dave shared this photo of 747 (originally ID'd as 32 Chunk) by Ranger Anela Ramos at 11:00.  Ranger Dave comments that it appears that 435 Holly has emancipated both her 2.5 year old biological female yearling and 503, her 3.5 year old adopted male cub.

2016.06.12 - The 2016.06.12 edition of the Brooks Lodge newsletter says that about 10 individual bears have been spotted so far this season.  

2016.06. - 

2016.06. - 

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