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Bears seen in 2015:

This table will be used to document the bears that have been seen so far in the 2015 season. It will primarily be updated by park staff, however, if you know of a bear we are missing, please suggest that it be added where appropriate, and include photos or other documentation of it being seen. Pictures and detailed information are organized by month below the table.  


Bear # & Nickname

May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec


32 Chunk  X  X  X  X  X
51 Diver Jr  X  X
68   X  X
83 Wayne Brother  X  X  X  X
89 Backpack  X  X  X  X
92 Enigma  X
151 Walker 5/17  X  X X  X  X
218 Ugly
274 Overflow  X  X
293 Long Neck
469 "Patches"  X
474  X
480 Otis  X  X  X  X
489 Ted
503 Cubadult  X  X  X  X
611 X
634 Popeye



X  X
747 "Colbert"  X  X  X  X
755 Scare D. Bear  X  X
775 Lefty  X  X  X
814 Lurch   X  X  X  X  ?
856   X  X  X  X
868 Wayne Brother   X X  X  X


Died  between 10/24 & 10/28

879  X  ?
??? UnID'd Thin Adult w/Scar 07/14
??? UnID;Adult w/Large Hump  9/2
??? UnID'd Adult w/Floppy Left Ear LR 09/16




Bear # & Nickname

May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec w/









128 Grazer  X  X  X
132  X  X


10/11 PM

153  X




 X   0
201  X





 X  X  X  X  1
284 "Electra"



 X  X  ?  X  X
289  X  X






 X w/4


1 of larger cubs is a male

409 Beadnose  X  X  X
410  X  X   X  X  X
424 "Mini 410"
425 Jan



435 Holly  X  X  X  X 1 Female & One 2.5 Y.O. Male (503)
438 Flo
451  X


10/01  - 10/07 (?)

w/2 10/21




then 2

then 1

477 Sara  X  X  ? 09/22
482 Brett X



w 3


10/16 w 3


500 "Indy"


  X X ?  X
504 9/25 w 3 10/17 w3

10/25 w3

505 X


Subadult (854's 2014 Yearling)




 X  X  X
700 Marge
708 Amelia Pos
744 Dent
813 Nostril Bear X


w/ 2

854 Divot 5/17   X  X  X  X


07/11 & 07/12


UnID'd Sow w 2 Spring Cubs





2nd UnID'd Adult Female  07/27 PBP

Sow ID Uncertain (Not seen often)





2 Fat COY


Spring Cub

Sex Unknown





Detailed Information & Pictures re: Bears Seen in 2015:

April 2015:

No reports of bears seen.

May 2015:

2015.05.17:  Ranger Mike Fitz  "encountered two pairs of courting brown bears on Dumpling Mountain in Katmai National Park on May 17, 2015. The two were young adult bears, previously identified at Brooks River as 151 Walker and 284. In the second pair, 854 Divot was courted by 634 Popeye." 2015.05.20 or Before:  284 "Electra", 634 Popeye, 1 unidentified male, and 1 unidentified female bears were seen per Ranger Mike's Brooks bear cam comment   with pictures (pic 1 of 634 Popeye courting an unidentified female , pic 2 of 284 "Electra" courting with an unidentified male .  Additional pictures and information can be viewed on this link to Katmai National Park & Preserve's flickr page for May 2015

2015.05.30 at approximately 11:00 AM:  Vdieo by cam viewer, JoeBear, of an unidentified bear on Dumpling Mountain from the Dumpling Mountain cam.

June 2015:

2015.06.02 before 2:54 PM:  Ranger Mike shares a featured comment on the Brooks bear cams and pictures (pic 1 , pic 2, and pic 3 ).  "Rangers were surprised by the early season appearances of 435 Holly and her two cubs this afternoon.  Both cubs looked larger (and leaner) than last fall.  Like most bears at this time of the year, they are biding their time until the salmon return.  They were seen milling about near the mouth of Brooks River for about 15 minutes before they disappeared down the beach."  If you are not familiar with the sotry behind this family you can find the back story in two blog posts Ranger Mike wrote last summer.  This blog post is about the abandonment of the then yearling cub:  Surprises of the Bear World July 11, 2014 and this blog post is about its adoption:  Abandoned Cub Finds a New Mother September 11, 2014.  Ranger Mike's blog post 435 Holly Returns with Her Adopted Cub June 3, 2015 also provides additional information about the family group.  On June 3, 2015 Ranger Mike provides information about 435 Holly's typical return to Brooks Camp behavior (information on other Brooks bears is also shared in the same comment).   On June 4, 2015 Megan Edge of Alaska Dispatch News publishes an article: 'Supermom' Brown Bear Returns to Alaska's Brooks Camp with Non-Traditional Family with quotes from Ranger Roy, Rangeer Mike, Ranger Troy, and Ranger Leslie.  

2015.06.03 - Ranger Mike's Brooks bear cam comment ""Hi again.  We've been seeing a bear wander through Brooks Camp about everyday recently.  Today, 128 Grazer made an appearance.."  Ranger Mike attached 3 pictures (pic 1 , pic 2  , pic 3).   The return of 128 Grazer was also shared via Brooks Camp twitter "Another well known Brooks River brown bear wandered through today, 128 Grazer."  with this picture.  

2015.06.07 - 854 Divot returns to Brooks Camp and Kara Stenberg of Brooks Lodge was able to capture a picture of her.  Brooks Lodge posts a pic of an unidentified bear wth a comment below that shares the news that 854 Divot was just seen at Brooks Camp.   Here is the picture of the unidentified bear with white claws.  On 2015.06.08 Brooks Lodge posts  the picture of 854 Divot by Kara Stenberg  on 2014.06.07.  The Brooks Lodge Newsletter dated June 7, 2014 is released and at the top of their newsletter is a picture of 856 .   On 2015.06.10 Kara Stenberg posted a  comment below the picture of the then unidentified bear saying that "rangers have hesitantly identified her as 128" Grazer.  

2015.06.08 - Ranger Mike comments on the Lower River cam to let us know that 856 and another bear, likely 128 Grazer were both seen around Brooks River today.  Brooks Lodge does a  facebook post of Tim Mahoney's picture of 128 Grazer doing brown bear yoga

2015.06.09 04:30 PM - Brooks Lodge  facebook post about 856 courting 854 Divot. Kara Stenberg's picture

2015.06.10  - Brooks lodge facebook post "Women's World Cup tryouts?" with picture by Tim Mahoney.  Ranger Mike's comment on the Lower River cam that 480 Otis isn't around today.  Ranger Mike's comment on the Lower River cam  that Ranger Jeanne just informed him that 435 Holly and cubs are back today.  Ranger Jeanne's comment on the Lower River cam that there we no 480 Otis sightings today that she is aware of, but they did just see 435 Holly and her family on the lower river again for a brief period.  Ranger Jeanne's comment on the Lower River cam that both the yearling and the adopted 2.5 year old were both with 435 Holly.  Ranger Mike publishes a blog Bigger Is Better that includes a picture of 856 courting 854 Divot earlier this season.  

2015.06.11 -  Katmai National Park & Preserve's facebook post about Ranger Mike's 2015.06.10 blog Bigger is Better.  Brooks Lodge's facebook post with Kara Stenberg's picture of 856 taking a stoll around camp.

2015.06.12 - Brooks Lodge's facebook post about more action down the beach so far this year with a Kara Stenberg's picture of an unidentified bear.  

2014.06.14 - The first sockeye salmon arrived in Brooks River.  No, not bears, but the keystone specicies that bring the brown bears to Brooks Camp, the Brooks River, Naknek Lake, and Lake Brooks.  On 2015.06.15 the following information was shared via Brooks Camp tweet, Ranger Mike's 2015.06.15 comment that he and Ranger Jeanne "saw a small school near the mouth of Brooks River near the floating bridge on 2015.06.15. A few salmon were seen jumping at the falls yesterday (2015.06.14) too. This is just the first trickle of fish into the river. The first big schools should be on their way." .  Ranger Mike's says that the timing of the arrival of the salmon "is typical" in this bearcam comment. "The first salmon usually arrive around the end of the 2(nd) week of June. Last year, my notebook states that we saw salmon about June 10 or 11. It's like clockwork, really. The timing of their migration is genetically controlled so they begin their ocean long before they can ever know the conditions of their spawning grounds." .  

2015.06.15 - Ranger Mike comments: 32 Chunk just made an appearance on the beach at Brooks Camp. I wasn't able to get a photo though.   Katmai National Park & Preserve provided a bearcam update on their facebook post  with a picture of a bear, the identification of the bear was not provided.    Brooks Lodge facebook post  with a picture of 284 "Electra" by Kara Stenberg.  Kara says 284 has been very popular around camp early in the season.  On 2015.06.16 at 12:08 PM Brooks Camp sent a tweet: "Many sockeye salmon were jumping at Brooks Falls yesterday. Reports of bears fishing too. " with this picture of a salmon attempting to jump the falls. referring to 2015.06.15.

2015.06.16 -  Brooks Lodge post with Kara Stenberg pic of 435 Holly

2015.06.17Brooks Lodge post with Tisa Hunnewell's picture of 32 Chunk.  32 Chunk is identified by KNP&P on June 22, 2015 replying to N. Boak's inquiry

2015.06.18 -  KNP&P posts video: 634 Popeye Walks Ranger Cabins ~ Look both ways when you step outside at Brooks Camp! — at Katmai National Park & Preserve. .  Brooks Camp tweet on June 19 about 814 Lurch being seen on June 18 .  Ranger Mike cam comment about 814 Lurch, 856, 747 "Colbert", 32 Chunk, salmon  and other bears not sticking around.  Ranger Mike's comment 814 Lurch went to his preferred fishing spot on June 18th .  Ranger Mike's comment about 814 Lurch, 856, and 32 Chunk .  KNP&P June 19th post re: 814 Lurch seen June 18th .  Brooks Lodge post with Tisa Hunnewell's picture of 435 Holly .  

2015.06.19Ranger Mike's rundown of most of the bears he has seen in June so faar ""Here's a quick rundown of most of the bears I've seen this month so far.  Females: 435 and cubs, 128, 284, 708?, 500 (?)  Males: 856, 814, 868, 747, 32, 151".  Ranger Mike's comment that 500 "indy" should also have question mark next to that number, "I think I've seen that bear, but I've only got fleeting glimpses of a subadult that looks like here. I should've put a question mark next to that number. I haven't been able to get photos of her either."  Ranger Mike's comment that 89 Backpack has not been seen yet this year.  Brooks Camp twet made June 22nd at 2:18 pm 469 "Patches" is back, pic taken Friday, June 19th.  

2015.06.20Brooks Lodge post with Tim Mahoney's picture of an unidentified bear that was taken this past week  (Note:  This bear appears to be very similar in appearance to the bear pictured in the post by Brooks Lodge on June 7th that the rangers hesitantly identified as 128 Grazer )

2015.06.23Brooks Lodge post 284 "Electra" seen again with picture by Jen Johnson

2015.06.27 - Cam viewers saw a bear with very white claws twice, once below the Brooks Falls viewing platform and later sitting on a rock between the falls island and the riffles.  On June 28th, Ranger Jeanne provided the following information in a comment:  "16 Cinnamon was very old when last seen so is presumed dead. 24 BB was a very large, dark male and also may be deceased as he has not been seen in several years. 438 Flo is a good guess but she was not seen last year and the ears don't seem quite right for her. Ranger Mike was at the falls last night and was speculating that this bear with the white claws might be a female, 425 Jan, who is not listed in the bear ID book. I don't have any good photos of her but Ranger Mike may be able to find one later this week. The white claws are a very distinctive clue but we may not be aware of all bears who have that characteristic."  The ID of this bear was later determined to be 477 Sara.  

2015.06.29 - 814 Lurch observed at Brooks Falls between 08:00 & 09:00 pm fishing far pool.  When he climbed falls to make his departure, his rear leg limp was visible.  

2015.06.30 3:19 pm- 814 Lurch observed in Naknek Lake, he continued right in Naknek Lake until he traveled a good distance down the length of the spit.  He exited the lake onto the spit and traveled left along the spit to the left edge of the spit.  He the went back into Naknek Lake / the mouth of Brooks River traveled in the river past the corner to just right of the bridge, exiting the river at the right edge of the wedge.  814 continued toward the left of the bridge on land in the direction of the wader sign / closed trail when the cam stopped following him.  His rear leg limp was visible.    

July 2015:

2015.07.07 Who is this bear observed near corner on July 7, 2015

2015.07.08 - 402 with her 4 spring cubs were observed in the Lower River (official confirmation from Ranger Leslie, Bear Monitor has been obtained).  This litter is bear 402's fifth known litter.  216 Marilyn, 236 Milkshake, and 875 are other Brooks bears known to previously have rare litters of 4 cubs.  

Explore.org video

Explore.org tweet 07/09/2015

Video by cam viewer Donna Bennett

Long Version video by Donna Bennett

Video by cam viewer Birdy Girly ~ Juanita Roper  

Katmai NP&P Tweet    

Brooks Camp Tweet

Katmai NP&P Tweet 07/09/2015

2015.07.08 - Video by Birdy Girly ~ Juanita Roper of 128 Grazer fishing the lip of the falls

2015.07.09 Chunk 32 is back at Brooks Falls - Brooks Camp tweet

2015.07.09 - Katmai Terrane Blog:  402 Returns with Four Cubs

2015.07.10 - Unidentified sow with 2 spring cubs observed by Brooks Camp visitor(s), park employees, and volunteers, and Brooks Lodge employees.  See Brooks Camp visitor, RGK's, photo taken 07/10/2015 and the Brooks Lodge 07/13/2015 Newsletter.  

2015.07.10 - Unidentified sow with 3 spring cubs observed: (482 Brett?)

Ranger Jeanne comment about sow with the 3 spring cubs being observed earlier this morning

During 07/10/2015 live chat the sow with the 3 spring cubs was observed again:

Video by cam viewer Birdy Girly

Screen captures by cam viewers :

Ripple's capture

Ripple's capture #2

Ripplie's capture #3

Ripple's capture #4

Ripple's capture #5

Ripple's capture #6

Juergen's capture #1

Juergen's capture #2

Juergen's capture #3

Juergen's capture #4

Eaglenut's capture #1

Eaglenut's capture #2

Eaglenut's capture #3

Eaglenut's capture #4

Brynmyrddin's capture #1

Brynmyrddin's capture #2

Brynmyrddin's capture #3

Mickey Walton's capture

Riverrock's capture

FrogsOn's capture #1

FrogsOn's capture #2

Frogson's capture #3

FrogsOn;s caoture #4

FrogsOn's capture #5

FrogsOn capture #6

FrogsOn's capture #7

FrogsOn's capture #8

FrogsOn's capture #9

Antiquelfc's capture #1

Larinor's capture

JoeBear's capture  also shared by Explore.org Tweet

2015.07.11 - Sow with 1 spring cub observed in the Lower River area of Brooks Camp.  This sow and spring cub are a family group that has not be observed previously this season.  ID of this sow is not available at this time.  Ranger Jeanne's comment about this sow and spring cub (39 ?)

Joanie's capture

Smokerfancj's capture

FrogsOn's capture #1

FrogsOn's capture #2

BirdyGirly's capture

Ripple's capture

2015.07.11 - Bshortt, cam viewer, asks for ID of bear observed on Brooks Falls cam on the shore below the viewing platform  with this picture and Ranger Jeanne comments that Ranger Mike thinks the bear may be 171 ,  Elaine, cam viewer, asks "She lost her remaining cub from last fall?"  and Ranger Jeanne replies "If he is right about the ID, it appears so."  Other cam viewers captures of the same bear:

Luvnature's capture

BetterThanWatchingWimbledon's capture

FrogsOn's capture #1

FrogsOn's capture #2

MargieS's capture

Kristina's capture #1

KAT in Tx's capture

Ripple's capture #1

Ripple's capture #2

Tis me's capture

BirdyGirly's capture

Tipper's capture

Grandmaj's capture

Luv'ntheWild's capture

GA Bear's capture

2015.07.12 - Sow with 1 spring cub was observed on Lower River cam again (also observed on 07/11/15).  Ranger have not yet provided an identification for this family group. (39 ?)  

Jen C's capture

Nanc's video

BirdyGirly's capture #1

BirdyGirly's capture #2

BirdyGirly's capture #3

BirdyGirly's capture #4

BirdyGirly's capture #5

Lovin'thebears' capture #1

Lovin'thebears' capture #2

Deputy Dawg's capture #1

Deputy Dawg's capture #2

Deputy Dawg's capture #3

Deputy Dawg's capture #4

Kristina's capture #1

Kristina's capture #2

Kristina's capture #3

Otis'#1fan's capture #1

JoeBear's capture #1

JoeBear's capture #2

JoeBear's capture #3

JoeBear's capture #4

JoeBear's capture #5

JoeBear's capture #6

Homebird's capture #1

Homebird's capture #2

Homebird's capture #3

Homebird's capture #4

Homebird's capture #5

Homebird's capture #6

Homebird's capture #7

Homebird's capture #8

Homebird's capture #9

FrogsOn's capture #1

FrogsOn's capture #2

FrogsOn's capture #3

FrogsOn's capture #4

FrogsOn's capture #5

FrogsOn's capture #7

FrogsOn's capture #8

Dawn's capture #1

Dawn's capture #2

Lyn's capture

MollyGee-TX's capture

2015.07.12 - Who is this bear observed on the Brooks Falls cam this morning?

Nanc's video

Dawn's capture #1

Dawn's capture #2

Dawn's capture #3

2015.07.12 - 775 Lefty, a bear typically known to use Brooks River only in the fall, was observed.  

Ranger Jeanne's 1st comment re: 775 Lefty

Ranger Jeanne's 2nd comment re: 775 Lefty

Jeanne's 3rd comment re: 775 Lefty Ranger Jeanne's 3rd comment re: 775 Lefty

Donna Bennett's video of 775 Lefty

BirdyGirly's video of 775 Lefty

Jamie & Reid's video of 775 Lefty

Explore.org's video of 775 Lefty

2015.07.13Brooks Lodge 07/13/2015 Newsletter says sow with 2 spring cubs has been observed at Brooks Camp in July 2015.

2015.07.14 KNP&P facebook post about "4 family groups with spring cubs. Mothers with four, three, two, and one cubs have been spotted wandering Brooks River."    Picture 1    Picture 2

2015.07.16Ranger Mike's 07/17/15 comment about the sow with 1 spring cubs observed at the falls on 07/16/15  "I'm sure many of you watched the female bear with one spring cub at Brooks Falls last night. I don’t know who this bear is, but my best guess right now is #39. She’s in the bear ID book, but I don’t have more information about her than what is in there.

Why would a mother with a small, vulnerable cub visit Brooks Falls? Food. I’ve written before about risk vs. reward with bears. A mother and cub need to eat. The water level at the mouth of Brooks River is very high right now, so fishing is very difficult there (that will change of course once the salmon begin to die after spawning). 39 and her cub may not have another place to fish. Most other females with cubs at Brooks River have visited the falls this July, which may be evidence in support of my hypothesis.

Few fish were caught at Brooks Falls yesterday, so there was likely few carcasses downstream for bears to scavenge or catch. When salmon are more abundant, a bear might be able to make a living further downstream (either scavenging or fishing). If we compared the relative number of salmon in the river and bears fishing locations, we’d see clear differences between bear fishing locations and bear abundance during high/low salmon abundance.

39 might be taking a risk fishing so close to the falls, but if she can’t find food elsewhere, than that's a risk she must take."


August 2015:

2015.08.01 - 480 Otis

Lovin'theBears' captures between 9:04 & 9:06 AM:

Capture #1

Capture #2

Capture #3

Martina's captures:

Capture #1

Capture #2

Capture #3 (775 Lefty also)

Capture #4 (775 Lefty also)

2015.08.01 - 775 Lefty

Lovin'theBears' captures 9:41 - 9:43 AM:

Capture #1

Capture #2

Capture #3

2015.08.01 - 747 "Colbert"

Lovin'theBears' capture #1

Grandmaj's capture #2 shows 747's left rear hip scars

BlueLily's capture #1 (480 Otis also)

Shellseeker's capture #1 (856 also)

Deborah's capture #1 (480 Otis also)

Peg Whitted's capture #1

Pirate Autumn's capture #1 (480 Otis also)

Pirate Autumn's capture #2 (480 Otis also)

BirdyGirly's capture #1 (480 Otis also)

Debbie Porges' capture #1 (480 Otis & 755 Scare D Bear also) 2015.08.01 - 868 Wayne Brother (?) observed in the Lower Brooks River

Elaine's capture #1

Grandmaj's capture #1

Grandmaj's capture #2

Grandmaj's capture #3

Martina's capture #1

Martina's capture #2

Lovin'theBears' capture #1

Lovin'theBears' capture #2

Lovin'theBears' capture #3

Lovin'theBears' capture #4

Lovin'theBears' capture #5

BlueLily's capture #1

BlueLily's capture #2

BlueLily's capture #3

BlueLily's capture #4

BlueLily's capture #5

BlueLily's capture #6

2015.08.01775 Lefty and 480 Otis at falls video by BirdyGirly

GABear's capture #1

Maddog's capture #1

Elaine's capture #1

BirdyGirly's capture #1

BirdyGirly's capture #2

BirdyGirly's capture #3

BirdyGirly's capture #4

BirdyGirly's capture #5

BirdyGirly's capture #6

BirdyGirly's capture #7

Lovin'theBears' capture #1

Lovin'theBears' capture #2

Lovin'theBears' capture #3

Lyn's capture #1

2015.08.01 - Sow suspected to be 39 with 1 spring cub observed on Lower Brooks River.  Links to some viewer pictures and video:

BirdyGirly's video

Larinor's capture #1

Larinor's capture #2

Larinor's capture #3

BTWW's capture #1

BTWW's capture #2

BTWW's capture #3

BirdyGirly's capture #1

Eaglenut's capture #1

Eaglenut's capture #2

Eaglenut's capture #3

Eaglenut's capture #4

Eaglenut's capture #5

Wendy capture #1

Grandmaj capture #1

Grandmaj capture #2

Grandmaj's capture #3

Grandmaj capture #4

Grandmaj's capture #5

Peace1967's capture #1

2015.08.01 - 32 Chunk

Lovin'theBears' capture #1

GABear's capture #1

Sue Rickard's capture #1 (775 Lefty & 480 Otis also)

Rose Doggy's capture #1 (775 Lefty & Otis 480 also)

2015.08.01 - 500 Indy possibly observed at falls

Larinor's capture #1

Wendy's capture #1

Grandmaj's capture #1

2015.08.01 - 755 Scare D Bear observed at falls

Lovin'theBears' capture #1

Lovin'theBears' capture #2

Lovin'theBears capture #3

BlueLily's capture #1

September 2015:

2015.09.02:   There is this fall 2015 bear that we still have not figured out:  The bear that appeared when Ranger Mike and Ranger Landis were doing the live chat from the falls, right before they were going to get in the jacuzzi? The bear would spend time over by the fish ladder.











https://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/3524/8472/original.jpg  2015.09.29 10:23 AM - Sow with 2 very fat spring cubs, ID uncertain, not seen very often observed during live chat preparation

October 2015:

2015.10.04 -  JoeBear's video  of 402 diving for fish at the falls with her 4 spring cubs.   2015.10.04 - Who is this bear?  Young subadult?  Unaccompanied yearling?  

Samantha Eye's 18:01   capture

GreyTGal's 18:03   capture 1   & capture 2

Brenda Sandefur's 18:02   capture

Jstducky's 18:02   capture 1   & capture 2

Joan Hersh's 18:01   capture

Brenda Sandefur's 18:01   capture

Grandma J's 18:00   capture

Wendy's 17:59   capture

Labman's capture posted at 18:09

Brenda Sandefur's 17:58   capture

2015.10.04 - Unaccompanied cub (appears to be spring cub)?

Erie C (Ontario)'s capture posted at 17:13 Gill Scotthorne's 16:06   capture

Poppy TX's 15:57   capture

2015.10.04 - 402 wirh her 4 spring cubs at Brooks Falls

Ratna Narayan's   capture posted at 17:19

Juergen's gif of 402 family group at Brooks Falls

JoeBear's video of 402 diving for fish below Brooks Falls in the jacuzzi

Ratna Narayan's capture posted at 17:10

Ratna Narayan's   capture posted at 17:09

2015.10.04 - Sow with 3 spring cubs in lower river above bridge, possibly 451 family group

Ratna Narayan's  capture  posted at 17:19

BirdyGirly's video

2015.10.04 - Possibly 273 family group

GreyTGal's 17:37   capture

Kenai River's 17:34   capture

Deputy Dawg's 17:33   capture

Annie W's 17:33 capture

Jen's 17:33   capture

Naomi Boak's 17:29   capture

Deputy Dawg's 17:29   capture

Ratna Narayan's 17:28   capture

Annie W's 17:28  capture

Jen's 17:27   capture

Jstducky's 17:26   capture

Pansy's 17:26   capture

Grandma J's 17:26   capture of family group and raven in flight

Larinor's 17:26   capture of family group and raven

Deputy Dawg's 17:26   capture of family group and raven (zoom)

Wendy's 17:25   capture of family group and raven in flight

Pine Butte's 17:22   capture

FrogsOn's 17:19   capture

Larinor's 17:19   capture

Ratna Narayan's   capture   posted at 17:19

BlueLily's 17:18   capture

Deputy Dawg's 17:18   capture

Wendy's 17:16   capture

Deputy Dawg's 17:09   capture

Ratna Narayan's 17:08 capture

Grandma J's 17:05   capture Grandma J's 16:58   capture

Erie C (Ontario)'s 16:56   capture

Jstducky's 16:54   capture

2015.10.04 - Sow with 2 spring cubs (one darker coat and one lighter coat) on spit.  Is this 94 and her 2 spring cubs?  Is this the sow with the 2 very fat spring cubs that appeared in the live chat preparations on 09/29/2015 at 10:23 AM?  Or is this a sow and 2 spring cubs that we have not observed previously?

Larinor's 17:21  capture

Jen's 17:20   capture

Nanc's 17:20  capture

Ratna Narayan's   capture posted at 17:19

Brenda Sandefur's 17:19  capture

FrogsOn's 17:17   capture

Kenai River's 17:17   capture

Deputy Dawg's 17:13   capture

Kenai River's 17:09   capture of the 2 cubs

FrogsOn's 17:09 capture of the 2 cubs

Grandma J's 17:08 capture of the 2 cubs

Jen's 17:07   capture

Deputy Dawg's 17:07   capture 1   & capture 2 of the 2 cubs

FrogsOn's 17:07 capture (sow is urinating)

Grandma J's 17:05  capture of the 2 cubs

Deputy Dawg's 17:04   capture of 2 cubs

FrogsOn's 17:03   capture of 2 the cubs

Grandma J's 17:00   capture

Carla J's 16:59   capture

Jen's 16:59 capture   capture

Grandma J's 16:47   capture of the 2 cubs

Brenda Sandefur's 16:47   capture of the 2 cubs

Grandma J's 16:42   capture from a distance - family group not very visible

Erie C (Ontario)'s 16:41   capture   from a distance - family group not very visible

2015.10.04  -  Who is this large beautiful bear?  Is this Cam Op Rie's close up bear adult male observed in the Lower River on 09.20.2015 between 09:02 & 09:20 AM?  

TinyJulz's 15:56   capture 1  , capture 2  , capture 3  , capture 4  , &  capture 5

TinyJulz's   capture posted at 16:24

2015.10.04  - 151 Walker at Brooks Falls:

Brenda Sandefur's 16:19   capture

2015.10.04 - Who is this bear?

Brenda Sandefur's 20:10   capture

Brenda Sandefur's 20:07   capture

Brenda Sandefur's 20:06   capture

November 2015:  

The cams have been down for several days.  The following updates were provided to cam viewers by NPS staff:

2015.11.03 10:58 - 11:39 Ranger Roy's comment  "The park plane just flew over the mouth of Brooks RIver.  Large male bear is still consuming the remains of Bear 868, while two family groups fished the lower river.  No ID's were possible.  Dumpling Montain was in clouds, so they could not survey the damage to the repeaters."  No pics were available per Ranger Roy at 11:08.  868 has been cached and it will take some time for him to be completely consumed   per Ranger Roy at 11:09.  Ranger Roy received this information via radio from the NPS staff in the park plane so the details were scarce per Ranger Roy at 11:39.  

2015.11.03 17:43Ranger Roy's comment  "Update from today's survey:  The two family groups that were seen 273 and 402 (still with all 4).  No ID of the bear on the cache." (868 in the cache)