This table will be used to document what bears have been seen so far each year. It will primarily be updated by park staff, however, if you know of a bear we are missing, please suggest that it be added where appropriate, and include photos or other documentation of it being seen.

Bear# & Nickname May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec With COYs With Yearlings
32 Chunk X X X X
51 Diver Jr X X
83 Wayne Brother X X X
89 Backpack X X X X
151 Walker X X
293 Long Neck X X
480 Otis X X
503 Cubadult X X
511 X
634 Popeye X X
747 X X X
755 Scare D. Bear X
814 Lurch X X
856 X X X
868 Wayne Brother X X X
879 X X
128 Grazer X

130 Tundra

Found dead 7/1

132 X 3
171 X X 2 then 1

284 "Electra:

402 X X X
409 Beadnose X X X X
410 X X X
435 Holly X X X X 1 + 503
451 X
500 "Indy" X X X
708 Amelia X
813 Nostril Bear X 3
854 Divot X X X 2 then 1
Sex Unknown
Unaccompanied Spring Cub X