== Otis-athon! ==! by JoeBear

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Early morning bear

Morning bear LR

#814 Lurch at LR

Lurch LR

Lurch LR 2

Unknown mum with 3 cubs Riffles

Mum cubs Riffles

and at the Falls

Mum cubs Falls



#480 Otis at LR


#854 Divot and cub LR (RM confirmed cub as a female)

Divot cub LR

#854 Divot, good view of her scar around her neck


#410 Four Ton LR

Anigif Four Ton

#879 LR

Anigif 879

Clouds moving at DM cam,    great clear view from DM to Brooks Camp area Closeup,     Clouseup round view Mountains at DM cam

4 gifs from DM cam

Genny did a wonderful poem about DM view, Genny thank you very much!

Sometimes looking from the view so high
I marvel at the clouds in the sky
When it starts to clear I think clouds don't go
Then remember the valley needs the sun's glow
With their passing I wipe a tear from my eye
While their clearing allows me to see Brooks Falls below
Because of Juergen being so clever
His gif allows us to view it forever

410 Four Ton today very busy with snorkeling around LR,    584 Divot and cub 

410 Four Ton and 854 Divot an cub 4 gifs

480 Otis at LR during his contest!!! (:-)))))),, 814 Lurch in his "Office",  and 89 Backpack at BF

89 BP, 480 Otis, 814 Lurch 4 gifs