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Surprise, surprise... :) look who was there again


sleeping at LR

"Our" litttle beauty made her morning appearance

Gizmo Rose Indy III

Gizmo Rose Indy I

LR Indy

500 Indy meal at the gate from bridge.....   gif

500 Indy follows 813 mum with 3 cubs.....  gif

After eating her fish by the bridge she had an encounter with one of the sows + triplets and followed them

LR 9-15-2014

Great Video with music by JoeBear, morning at LR and little Indy #500 following the family

LR 9 - 15 - 2014 morning by JoeBear

Part 2 of this by Homebird

LR 9 - 15 - 2014 by Homebird

More nice pics of 500 Indy from today by May (link to Flickr)

94 at the spit

Riverrock 94


Riverrock cubs LR

132 cubs at upper LR meal   gif

Later we saw both sows with triplets again. Ranger Jeanne identifyed this one as #132

132 + triplets LR 9-15-2014 by yesitsdonna   Video

and this one as #813

813 and her 3 cubs at LR   gif

813 + triplets LR 9-15-2014 by yesitsdonna Video

May mum standing

Samatha Eye mum kids

854 Divot + female yearling

Divot Shanta

Meanwhile Otis at the Falls :)

Otis great catch by JoeBear

410 Four Ton , Grande Dame of Brooks at spit,

410 Four Ton    gif

in gif we have 3 guys at the spit, i guess 410, 409 and a UBO(unidentified bear object)

3 big bears at spit  gif

And these two on the spit

Gizmo Rose 2 on spit