480 "Otis" returns to BrooksCamp 9-1-14

Quick sketch of Bear 480 Otis who is seen fishing at his favorite Falls spot.

480 Otis was seen fishing at the Falls.

410, 409 Beadnose, 879, 500, 854 Divot and yearling, and an unidentified male were seen in the lower Brooks River.

The bears are back!!!!!!!

sunrise at DM, 854 Divot and cub fishing and walking at LR

Part1 Sep. 1. 14

bears in the lake at morning, cub without mom at Gravel Bar, 500 Indy fishing in LR

Part 2 Sep. 1. 14

409 Beadnose and 480 Otis are Back at Brooks!!

Part 3 Sept. 1.14

14-0901 Bear at Lip with Otis

Need ID for bear at lip of Falls. Thank you

14-0901-Otis and another bear

Can the front bear be ID'd by rangers?

01 0753-000201

#500 Indy moves up Spit road at 6:53am. Mt Gorce & Mt Kat in the background