Katmai Bearcams Wiki

Periscop films from KNPP and explore from Season 2016 and 2017

89 Backpack at the fallsfilm

128 Grazer and her Coys, cubs in the treefilm

Bears at the fallsfilm

128 Grazer and coys at BFfilm

a few bears at BFfilm

151 Walker at the Rifflesfilm

128 Grazer nursing coys at shore BFfilm

402 and her 2 cubs at Rifflesfilm

409 Beadnose at the BF with 2 coysfilm

10 bears at the BFfilm

bears at the BFfilm

bear "fight" at BFfilm

bears at the riffles fishing an eating salmonfilm

129 Grazer and her 3 coys at the shore at BFfilm

different bears fishing at BFfilm

100 year NP, large bears at BFfilm

R2D2(Ranger Dave and Ranger Daniel) swimming in LR part1film

Ranger Daniel In LR swimmingfilm

R2D2 swimming in LR part2film

bears at the BFfilm

Season 2017

128 Grazer Family resting near platform film short version

128 Grazer Family taking a nap  film long version

128 Grazer nursing her cubs film

Wild brown bears on Brooks river film

Bear Drama at Brooks Falls film

Wild Brown Bears at Brooks Falls/ Ranger Cathy Bell speaking  film

15 wild brown bears at Brooks Falls film

bears Playfighting film

huge brown bears fishing for salmon film

Naknek beach at KNP film Bears at Brokks Falls  film

mother bear and cubs at beach from Naknek Lake film

magpie eating a brown bat film Bears on Lower Brokks River film

young brown bears fish for salmon at LR  film

explore films season 2016

Bears at BF early foggy morningfilm

3 bears at BF fishingfilm

Volunteer Ranger Mike Fitz at BF film

salmon jumping and bears with Volunteer Ranger Mike Fitz at BFfilm

128 Grazer and her 3coys at shore, view from Riffles plattformfilm

Bears at the falls with Volunteer Ranger Mike Fitzfilm

Bears at BF, view from Riffles Plattformfilm