Good Morning Lower River  by John


LR July 28th 2014

Early bear

Early bear LR

LR July 28th 2014

by Lingo13

Lingo13 sub adult

LR 28th 2014

by Pamela  meanwhile at the Falls

Pamela waiting

WOW LR cam.... thanks to Cam Op Suzie


LR 28th 2014

by Lovin`the cams

Lovin the cams feather

LR 28th 2014

and a note from Otis by Donna Bennett :) lets wait if they are back today


Bear at the Falls by Blue Lily

BlueLily bf

BF 28th 2014

Sow and and one yearling LR no sure ID  video by Homebird

Video LR July 28th 2014 sow and yearling    click right to open in new window

by Cathy

Cathy Alberta

LR 28th 2014

and the sub adult again  by Cloud


LR 28th 2014

by Cathy

Cathy sub adult 2

LR 28th 2014