Night vision snapshots 7-25/26-2014 by Shanta Grazer #128

Santa night vision Grazer

BF night 7-25/26-2014

Night vision 2 shanta

BF night 7-25/26-2014

Night vision shanta 2

BF night 7-25/26-2014

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Link to Album Night vision pics by May

sunrise gif

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Sunrise and bears at LR

Ralph at LR cam

Ralph cleaning at LR cam

Good morning Lower River with a swimming bear by Deborah


LR 7-26-2014

Oh yes we have great Cam Ops,,,in this case Cam Op Greg...Thank you!


LR July 26th 2014


LR July 26th 2014

Aunrise 3

LR July 26th 2014

Sunrise 2

LR July 26th 2014

Splash by Sharebear11

Share bear 11

LR July 26th 2014

Bear at the Falls.....we think maybe "Walker" by Riverrock

Riverrock walker

BF July 26th 2014

and by BlueLily

Bluelily walker

BF July 26th 2014

Lonely Rock by Dawn

Dawn rock

His friend was gone only short while before, Backpack #89 on his rock

by Genny

Genny Backpack

BF July 26th 2014

by BeckyT-GA

Becky Backpack

BF 26th 2014

and Riverrock

Riverrock backpack

BF July 26th 2014

Great artwork again, Ted was still not seen yet here is the reason wy by Dawn

Dawn ted

this one by Shelly2184


And since the bears saw Rangers with a mobile cam.... by Maritza Lacourt


Thanks to Dawn, Shelly and Maritza ♥

Backpack #89 mostley alone at the Falls today


BF July 26th 2014

by Lyn

Lyn Backpack

BF July 26th 2014

Later 747 shows up...with some new scars  by Lyn

747 Lynn

BF July 26th 2014

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Video LR 7-26-14 Hop Charge

Ranger Roy`s comment after seeing video at ustream,

he also said later nothing bad happend


Sunset LR

♥♥♥   In Memory of Tundra by MChez


MChez Tundraa