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Brown Bear frequently asked questions

Sockeye Salmon frequently asked questions


Ranger Mike about #435 Holly adopting abandoned yearling

Ranger Mike about dominant bears

Katmai NP & Preserve Terrane Blog with many more blogs by the Rangers of Katmai

Katmai Information:

Video [about Katmai]

Map of Katmai you can zoom in for a closer look to specific areas

Really cool interactive map. Click on Katmai National Park on first page, Brooks Lodge on next page, then any yellow rectangle to get a panoramic view (use your cursor to navigate)

At the Heart of Katmai an Administrative History of the Brooks River area

Dumpling Mountain repeater site and camera installation


Explore the Falls with Ranger Mike and Ranger Roy June 12, 2015

'is a link to the highlights video that plays when cams are down 2015 Highlights Video by Explore'

Live Ranger Chats, Play by Plays on Explore's Youtube channel