• SoCalif

    Brooks Camp maps

    July 19, 2014 by SoCalif

    One of the most useful maps posted by viewers is by StephenB (sorry, forget last name). Not sure what the source, so if anyone knows please post info.

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  • ErinJ

    Katmai Wikai Help

    July 19, 2014 by ErinJ

    Hope this helps.   Let me just say I am in no way being negative or harsh to others.   I know this needs to be done but it doesn't seem that people really listen, pay attention or really care about how many photos or comments they post on the Disqus chat.  The comments section is overwelming for many.   I have 2 good frinds that are older love the sight but are not comfortable posting pics and ask many questions some very repetative.   They do not mean for it to be but they love Explore and are not tech savvy or know anything about computers or video cameras.  I know for a fact they are afraid to try new stuff and even try out websites.  It took me awhile to get them to partake besides just veiwing.  Not eevryone is a guru and others do no…

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