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901 2018 NPS photo T. Carmack via N. Boak 8/8/2019

Adult Female in 2021

Year First Identified:  2018 as an independent 2.5 year-old subadult, 2016 year of birth

Offspring Of:  There is speculation in the 2018 bear monitoring notes that 901 is the 2016 female offspring of 284 "Electra" , however there is no way to really confirm the link between subadults to the mother and siblings without DNA results.

Known Litters of Cubs:  0 as of the 2018 season

Genetics Study Samples Obtained:  There were no known genetics study samples obtained from 901 by Ranger Michael Saxton from 2016 to 2018.  


Mazey shared this information she uses to ID 901:  "901's light t-shirt goes down further on her legs. Early in the season, you can sometimes see a dark mark on 901's upper right leg."  Mazey also shared this information she uses to ID 901.:  "One thing I notice about her is that her ears angle back a bit like her Momma 284.You can see the light roundish patch on her right shoulder." These ID marks were first noted by Shel.

Distinctive Behaviors:

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Life History:

2016:  Spring Cub with 284 & Littermate

901 is believed to a 2016 female offspring of 284 "Electra" .  284 "Electra" had a litter of 2 spring cubs in 2016.  

June 2016:

2016.06.23:  On June 23. 2016 bear 284 "Electra" was observed with 2 spring cubs, her 1st known litter.  901 is believed to be one of 284's offspring from this litter.

2016.06.30:  (Late Night) 284 "Electra" and her 2 spring cubs video by Erum Chad (aka Erie):


284 "Electra" with 2 Spring Cubs Late night June 30, 2016

July 2016:

2016.07.??:  284 was observed with her cubs in a video by ncheel044, from 0:13-0:17 that appears to be from early July, 2016.


Grizzly Bears of Katmai National Park, Alaska - Brooks Falls, video by ncheel044-1


Ranger Jeanne's photo of 284 "Electra" with her 2 spring cubs, one of which is believed to be 901.

09:45:  284 "Electra" with her 2 spring cubs video by Mickey Williams:


09 45am July 1, 2016 284 "Electra" with 2 spring cubs part 1 Katmai National Park and Explore by Mickey Williams

09:58:  284 "Electra" with her 2 spring cubs video by Mickey Williams:


9 58 am July 1, 2016 284 "Electra" with 2 spring cubs part 2 Katmai National Park and Explore by Mickey Williams

September 2016:

Spring cub, 901 was included in the 2017 Bears of Brooks River book on 284 "Electra's" page (page 47) with 284 and her littermate:

October 2016:

2016.10.19:  284 "Electra's" 2 spring cubs video by LuvBears:


Katmai Furry Siblings 284's coys October 19, 2016 video by LuvBears

2016.10.21: 284 "Electra" can be seen in the riffles area with her 2 spring cubs in this 10/21/2016 video by Linda R. Jett. Note: This is 284, not 504.

2017:  Yearling Cub with 284 & Littermate

2017 Season:

2017.??.?? 284 "Electra"with yearling 901 (lighter) and sibling, 2017 Instagram photo by Juan Carlos Mimó.

May 2017:

2017.05.19:  On May 19, 2017, 284 "Electra" returned to Brooks Camp with 2 yearling cubs.  901 is believed to be a female yearling offspring of 284 in 2017.  

July 2017:

Yearling, 901 is included in the 2018 Bears of Brooks River book on 284 "Electra" page (page 46):

2017.07.11 or prior:   Park visitor John Hung posted 10 videos from his visit to Brooks Camp in 2017. The dates the videos are posted are from 7/11-8/10/1017 so the following 3 videos of 284 and her 2 yearlings are from 7/11/2019 or prior. 901 is believed to be the lighter colored yearling in all these videos. Video #1, video #2 and video #3.

284 and her 2 yearlings are viewed in a play session by the point (0:00-1:54),  video by John Hung, 7/11/2017 or prior.


棕熊BB 284 and her 2 yearlings play on the point 2017 07 11 or prior, video by John Hung-0

284 and her yearlings on the gravel bar and beach below camp (1:05-2:15), video by John Hung, 7/11/2017 or prior.


倆小無猜 284 and her yearlings on the gravel bar and beach below camp, video by John Hung, 7 11 2017 or prior-0

284's cubs in a play session on the lower river (0:30-3:04), video by John Hung, 7/11/2017 or prior.


棕熊天倫樂 284's yearlings in a play session on the lower river, video by John Hung, 7 11 2017 or prior-0

2017.07.xx (2017.07.21 or PRIOR):  284 and her two yearlings can be seen in this video by instagrammer aprmofoto (posted July 21, 2017).  The lighter of the two yearlings is now believed to be subadult 901. The darker of the 2 offspring was not classified and assigned a bear monitoring number as 901 was given.  2017.07.16 or Prior:  Brooks Lodge's July 16, 2017 07:30 Facebook post with Kara Stenberg's photograph of 284 and her 2 yearlings .:

Please request Kara Stenberg's permission prior to using her photographs!

2017.07.17 approximately 08:40 AKDT:  Flyer 7474 (aka SteveCA) captured some footage from various dates / times that begin at approximately 22:51 AKDT on July 16, 2017.  The video is titled July 17, 2017.  The next segment of footage included in the video is from July 17, 2017 at approximately 06:10 AKDT, 07:15 AKDT, 08:05 AKDT, and then at approximately 08:40 am on July 17, 2017 284 and her two yearlings can be seen (approximatley 03:53 into the video).  284 catches a fish, then shortly after (approximately 4:30 into the video one of her yearlings (now 901 ) comes down from the rock and successfully secures a fish independently then returning to the rock to consume their catch.  The 2nd yearling climbs down from the rock to join 284 downriver to share 284's catch.


July 16, 2017 22 51 AKDT - July 17, 2017 - July 18, 2017 00 00 Brooks Falls by Flyer 7474 (aka SteveCA)-1

2017.07.24:  284 "Electra" with her 2 yearlings video by Scammin from the lower river platform:


284 and cubs on July 24, 2017 from the lower river platform by Scammin

284 "Electra" and her 2 yearlings in camp, observed from the hill outside the Trading Post video by Scammin:


284 and cubs in camp, observed from the hill outside the Trading Post on July 24, 2017 by Scammin

2017.07.25:  On 7/25/17 284 was observed chasing a subadult with her two yearlings following behind, video by Martina.  The dark spot that is sometimes visible near the top of 901's right front leg is visible in Martina's 7/25/17 video.   901 is the lighter cub in the video..


2017 07 25 284 chasing a subadult LR by Martina

August 2017:

2017.08.13:  284 with her 2 yearlings video by Brenda D:


284 and Cubs - 3 Bear Butts on a Rock August 13, 2017 video by Brenda D


17:55:  While 901 and her littermate are bearly visible in this video by CherylB (aka BearNecessities), it demonstrates the protection afforded to the cubs during their time spent with their mother 284 "Electra".  284 "Electra" displaces 503 Cubadult because he is in too close a proximity to 284 and her yearlings as they approach the area below the falls from along the shore down river of the island:


2017 08 18 19 31 52 mp4 @5 -55 PM AKDT Bear 284 goes after 503 like lightening-2

284 "Electra" (wit offspring 901 bearly visible) goes after 503 Cubadult like lightening August 8, 2018 video by CherylB (aka BearNecessities)

A longer version of this footage was captured by F.E. Harrison in this video which demonstrates that 503 Cubadult was originally displaced by the adult bear in the far pool which sent 503 from the jacuzzi area to the river down near the right side of the island where he found himself between a boar and a mother bear (284) and her cubs.  

2017.08.31:  Ratna Narayan also filmed 284 and her 2 yearlings at the falls on 7/31/2017, video  by Ratna. 901 is believed to be the lighter of the 2 cubs.


08.31.2017 - 284 and Cubs at the Falls, with the Tree, video by Ratna Narayan-1

September 2017:

2017.09.04:  Explore Recorder video of 284 "Electra"' and her two yearlings beginning at approximately the 25:16 mark.  The .:lighter of the two yearlings can be observd urinating at approximately 34:09 into the video.  Does the yearling appear to be male or female?  What do you think?:


Brooks Falls Brown Bears Cam 09-04-2017 16 00 12 - 16 59 57 Explore Recorder-0

This is a shorter version of the above video.  284 "Electra" and her two yearlings video by Brenda D.  At approximately 7:56 into the video, the lighter of the two yearlings urinates.  


09.04.2017 - 284 and Cubs at the Falls by Brenda D-0

2018:  Newly Emancipated 2.5 Year-Old Independent Subadult

2018 Season:

On August 8, 2019 a 2018 NPS photo of subadult 901 by T. Carmack was shared in the chat via Katmai Conservancy Ranger Naomi Boak. It is unclear whether the photo was taken in July or the fall of 2018.

July 2018:

901 was observed 3 times during official 2018 bear monitoring sessions , classified as a 2.5 year-old female subadult, and assigned the bear monitoring number 901 .  Bear monitoring staff speculate that 901 is a female 2016 offspring of bear 284 "Electra ".  

2018.07.07:  NWBearLove92 shared photos of 901 on 5/30/2020, #1, #2, #3 and #4. 901  has a dark spot on her upper right leg, seen in photo 1 and 4. 901 also has a light spot of fur on her right shoulder, seen a little bit in photo 1 and better in photo 3. These ID marks have been noted by Shel in the past.

Please request NWBearLove92's permission prior to using any of their photographs!

2018.07.29 :  Could the subadult urinating toward the back at approximately 1:20 into this Explore Recorder video by 284's 2.5 year-old female subadult that was classified as 901 in 2018?  Notice the "?" shaped light colored patch of fur on the left shoulder / side area.  


Brooks Falls Brown Bears Cam 07-29-2018 19 01 34 - 20 01 35 Explore Recorder

(Snapshots by Shel #1 & #2 )

(Additional notes from Shel on May 6, 2019 :  Another possibility -- assuming the bear in the first two pics below is female (based on urination) and 284's 2.5 year old offspring:if you are seeing what looks like male parts in the video you linked ~ July 2017 video by instagrammer aprmofoto posted July 21, 2017   I wonder if it is a female with genitalia resembling a male as noted in the Explainer: Male-female flexibility in animals article .  

Excerpt from above article:

"Researchers have documented intersex conditions in grizzly, black and polar bears. In certain populations, a small percentage of female bears possess genitalia that resemble those of male bears."

Bear in the above photos appears to have a lighter colored question mark pattern behind the left shoulder similar to the light cub in the below photos.

Believed to be 284's yearlings. Lighter cub has a bit of a lighter "?" shaped shading on the left shoulder. The dorsal stripe and the dark area around the hump of the lighter cub was not as prominent/dark as its sibling in this photo. 9/4/17 ~ from scene in this 9/4/17 video approximately 26:00 mark; snapshot #1 & #2 

Believed to be 284 and yearlings - shows a bit of a lighter "?" shading on the left shoulder of the lighter cub:  Snapshot from video by Brenda D - 8/13/17 :)


2018.07.25:  901 grazing near the bridge, 7/25/2018 video by Birgitt


901 Grazing Near Bridge 2018-07-25 22-52-12-493, video by Birgitt

2018.07.28:  901 catches a fish in the near pool, 7/28/2018 video by Birgitt.


901 Catches Fish in Near Pool 2018-07-28 20-24-16-554, video by Birgitt.

2018.07.30:  901 video by Erum Chad (aka Erie).:


Possibly bear 284's emancipated cub subadult bear Brooks Falls 2018 07 30 by Erum Chad (aka Erie)

A possible glimpse of 901 can be seen from 0:06-0:20 (left side of screen) in this 7/30/2018 video by mckate. 


30 Jul 2018 503 Invites 806 to Play, video by mckate

August 2018:

2018.08.11:  Birgitt captured this 8/11/2018 video of 901 at Brooks Falls.


901 Bear 284's Female Subadult 2018-08-11 13-47-13-604, video by Birgitt

2018.08.20:  901 adjusts the island willow, 8/30/2018 video by mckate. Note the dark spot on the right upper leg, the light round patch on the right shoulder and the light "t-shirt" look to her fur. The first two ID marks are not always visible.


20 Aug 2018 901 Adjusts Island Willow, video by mckate

901 digs around tree roots on the riffles, 8/20/2018 video by mckate. 


20 Aug 2018 901, Another Poo After Honey, video by mckate

2018.08.23: 901 emerges from the river with a fish, 8/23/2018 video by Birgitt.


901 Emerges from River with Fish 2018-08-23 17-08-08-616, video by Birgitt

2018.08.24:  Magpies annoy 901, 8/24/2018 video by mckate.


24 Aug 2018 Magpies Annoy 901, video by mckate

September 2018:

2018.09.08:  907 (larger) and 901 (smaller) scour the riffles, 9/8/2018 video by mckate.


8 Sep 2018 907 and 901 Scour the Riffles, video by mckate-0

2018.09.14 13:12:  Ranger Russ Taylor commented on September 14, 2018 at 13:12 in the bearcam comments providing a list from Ranger Tammy Carmack, 2018 KNP&P bear monitor, of the bears she observed during her official bear monitoring sessions conducted in July 2018.  901 was included in that list as 284's female subadult.

October 2018:

2018.10.26 10:35:  Ranger Russ Taylor commented on October 26, 2018 at 10:35 during the last official comment chat of the 2018 season and shared the bear monitoring number assigned to 901:

2019: 3.5 Year-Old Subadult Female

2019 Season:

2019.0?.??:  901 can be seen at 3:21 into this video by Jerry Moskel.  One thing that Mazey notices about 901 is that her ears angle back a bit like her Momma 284.You can see the light roundish patch on her right shoulder.:


Brooks RIver Bears (Show- 1) by Jerry Moskel

2019.0?.??:  Martin Kirsten captured 901 in this video (0:41 - 1:18) during the 2019 season.:


Pictures from Katmai National Park 2 by Martin Kirsten

June 2019:

2019.06.24-06.25:  Birgitt shared photos of 901 for Truman Everts on 5/27/2020, #1 taken on 6/24/2019 and #2 taken on 6/25/2019.

Please request Truman Everts' permission prior to using his photographs!

2019.06.30:  901 and 812 play on the closed trail, 6/30/2019 video by mckate.


30 Jun 2019 812 and 901 Play on the Closed Trail, video by mckate

July 2019:

2019.07.02:  Birgitt shared a 7/2/2019 photo of 901 for Truman Everts on 5/27/2020.

Please request Truman Everts' permission prior to using his photographs!

2019.07.04: Is this 901 (near) cavorting with siblings 909 and 910 in this 7/4/2019 video by Birgitt?


909 & 910 Cavorting with 901 2019-07-04 13-16-01, video by Birgitt

910 takes on 821 with 901 milling about and 909 in the water, 7/4/2019 video by Birgitt.


910 Takes on 821 with 901 Milling & 909 in the Water 2019-07-04 1 20PM, video by Birgitt

2019.07.07:  Truman Everts shared this 7/7/2019 photo of 901 on 5/2/2020.

Please request Truman Everts' permission prior to using his photographs!

Week of 2019.07.07:  Deelynnd captured these snapshots (#1 & #2 ) of 901 during the week of July 7, 2019 (p 01/04/2020 10:13 ):

2019.07.08:  NWBearLove 92 shared 7/8/2019 photos of 901 on 5/26/2020, #1 and #2.

Please request NWBearLove92's permission prior to using any of their photographs!

Park visitor oazaly captured 7/8/2019 video of 854 Divot (left) and 901 (right) "having more than words" on the lower river. Turn your sound up.


854 Divot and 901 have more than words on the lower river. July 8, 2019.

Video by oazaly

901 crossing the lower river, 7/8/2019 video by Birgitt.


901 Crossing LR 2019-07-08 17-24-42-395, video by Birgitt

2019.07.09:  901 and her grandmother, 708 Amelia with her 2 spring cubs, video by Birgitt.  This is an interesting comparison of grandmother and granddaughter. You can see that 3.5 yo 901 is relatively large compared to Amelia.:


708 Amelia & Granddaughter 901 on Spit 2019-07-17 23-55-55-532 by Birgitt

2019.07.13:  901 follows a wolf, 7/13/2019 video by mckate. "Some thought she was trying to get the wolf to play."


13 Jul 2019 901 Follows Wolf, video by mckate

2019.07.15:  812 chases 901 video by mckate.:


15 Jul 2019 812 Chases 901 by mckate

2019.07.17:  On 7/17/2019 Birgitt captured 901 on the spit with 708 and her 2 spring cubs. 901 can be seen in the foreground at 0:18. 708 is believed to be the grandmother of 901, video by Birgitt.


708 Amelia & Granddaughter 901 on Spit 2019-07-17

2019.07.20:  901 (left) and 910 (right) play among the boats on the spit, 7/20/2019 video by mckate.


20 Jul 2019 901 and 910 Play Among the Boats, video by mckate

2019.07.26:  902 and 821 head out when 775 Lefty shows up at the oxbow. 901 is seen entering the frame at 3:10 followed by 610, 7/26/2019 video by Lani H.


902 Fifi & 821 Pepper Head Out When 775 Lefty Arrives Followed by 901 & 610 in a Bear Parade 2019-07-26 22-36-08-854, video by Birgitt-0

2019.07.29:  901 July 29, 2019 NPS photo by Ranger Tammy Carmack KNP&P Flickr.

901 fishes near the pool and jacuzzi, 7/29/2019 video by mckate.


29 Jul 2019 901 Fishes the Near Pool and J, video by mckate

August 2019:  

2019.08.01:  Birgitt captured this 8/1/2019 video of 901 (center) swatting at a blonde subadult (right) believed to be 435 Holly's emancipated female. 435 Holly's dark emancipated subadult is believed to be the bear on the left. She is also female.


901 Gets Testy with the Hollys in the Riffles 2019-08-01 16-16-39-801, video by Birgitt

2019.08.03 - 2019.08.05:  Kacko & Goof_n captured this photograph of a bear eating clay that could possibly be 901 (p 02/05/2020 21:50 ).:

Please request Kacko & Goof_n's permission prior to using their photographs!

Mike Fitz commented on this behavior called geophagy in an 8/16 2019 Explore Week in Review Blog:  “A diet rich in salmon has consequences though, especially for their digestive system. You may have noticed that bears have very loose, diarrheal stool at this time of year. Salmon aren’t the only thing they eat. Sometimes they’ll eat peculiar things, like earth. This is a bear excavating and eating clay, a behavior known as geophagy.  Geophagy is not uncommon among bears across the world. The papers I’ve read on it suggest that could act as an anti-diarrheal agent.

At Brooks River, bears won’t eat just any bit of dirt. They target the 8-12 inch thick layer of volcanic ash from the 1912 Novarupta-Katmai eruption, which has weathered into a gritty clay. The clay may help absorb excess nutrients like potassium that can increase water in the digestive tract. In the absence of veterinary care, bears must deal with their own ailments and sometimes a change in diet can help them cope.”

2019.08.07:  901 catches a fish in the jacuzzi, 8/7/2019 video by Birgitt.


901 Catches a Fish in the J 2019-08-07 10-32-26-466, video by Birgitt

2019.08.08:  909 interrupts 901's nap on the closed trail, 8/8/2019 video by mckate.


8 Aug 2019 909 Interrupts 901's Nap, video by mckate

2019.08.09 or 2019.08.10:  Izzy52 captured this photograph of 901 on August 9, 2019 or August 10, 2019 (p 01/04/2020 07:35 ).:

Please request Izzy52's permission prior to using her photographs!

2019.08.12:  901 takes on the jacuzzi, 8/12/2019 video by mckate.


12 Aug 2019 901 Takes on the J, video by mckate

2019.08.14:  901 is seen on the closed trail in this 8/14/2019 video  by Lani H. Note: at 1:07 you can see a light round patch of fur on her upper right arm and a dark patch of fur on her upper right leg. These marks help to identify 901.


901 (?) on the closed trail 8 14 2019, video by Lani H

2019.08.24:  901 snorkeling and eating clay and ash, lower river and river watch view, 8/24/2019 video by Lani H.


901 snorkeling and eating clay ash LR and RW view 8 24 2019, video by Lani H

2019.08.25:  Lani H 8/25/2019 close up video of 901 under the platform and then she crosses the falls.


901 close up under platform, then crosses falls 8 25 2019, video by Lani H

2019.08.30:  901 walks the closed trail video by mckate.  Here's a girl who's put on some serious poundage this summer..:


30 Aug 2019 901 Walks the Closed Trail by mckate

Lani H 8/30/219 video of 901 on the closed trail.


901 (?) on the closed trail 8 30 2019, video by Lani H

September 2019:  

2019.09.01:  901 pops into the office for a quick snack, 9/1/2019 video by mckate.


1 Sep 2019 901 Pops Into Office for Quick Snack, video by mckate

2019.09.06:  Lani H 9/6/2019 video of 901 at the falls.


901 at the falls 9 6 2019, video by Lani H

2019.09.13: 901 spends some time under the bridge, 9/13/2019 video by mckate.


13 Sep 2019 901 Under the Bridge, video by mckate

Lani H 9/13/2019 video of 901 from the downriver island to below the lower river platform.


901 from downriver island to below LR platform 9 13 2019, video by Lani H

Birgitt captured this 9/13/2019 video of 901 beneath the platform. Note: the video is dated 9/14/2019 but is the same footage as Lani H and mckate's videos above.


901 Below the Platform 2019-09-14 00-07-42-065, video by Birgitt

2019.09.14:  Scooch captured this photograph of 910 with 901 on September 14, 2019 (p 02/09/2020 15:13 ).  Scooch also located this snapshot in the gallery that was taken by a cam viewer at approximately the same time as her photograph.:

Please request Scooch's permission prior to using her photographs! 

Scooch shared these 9/14/2019 photos of 901 on 5/27/2020, #1 and #2. "A closer look at beautiful 901, just after she had finished playing with 910 and they went their separate ways."

Please request Scooch's permission prior to using her photographs!  

Birgitt captured this video of 910 greeting 901 and another subadult:


910 Greets 901 & Another Sub on Spit After Her Nap 2019-09-14 17-45-55-517 by Birgitt

901 on the closed path, 9/14/2019 video by Birgitt.


901 on Closed Road 2019-09-14 18-03-27-697, video by Birgitt

2019.09.15:  901? or 908?  Bonnie Hankins (aka NutsBoutBears) captured this photograph of a subadult that could be 901 or 908 (p 01/03/2020 15:33 ).:

Please request Bonnie Hankins' (aka NutsBoutBears) permission prior to using her photographs!

901 beneath the lower river platform, 9/15/2019 video by Lani H.


901 beneath the LR platform 9 15 2019, video by Lani H

2020:  4.5 Year-Old Subadult Female

901 was included in the 2021 Bears of Brooks River book page 55.

Deanna Dittloff (aka deelynnd) created this 2020 season video of 901, "Bear 901 2020."


Bear 901 2020

Video by Deanna Dittloff (aka deelynnd)

June 2020:

2020.06.23:  151 Walker was seen mating with a young, blonde sow on 6/23/2020, video  by Arlene Beech. Chatter opinion was divided as to the identification of the sow. Could it be 901 or 908? Mike Fitz commented about the mating pair on 6/24/2020. "151 Walker was seen on the River Watch cam copulating with a blond-furred female. However, I wasn't able to ID her from the webcam footage." In the 2021 Bears of Brooks River eBook page 55, it was noted that 901 mated with 151 Walker in 2020.


Mating bears! Explore.org 23 June 2020, 151 Walker and who? Video by Arleen Beech

6/23/2020 video by Lani H.


151 Walker mating with ??? 6 23 2020, video by Lani H

Debbie(Bearz61) captured 6/23/2020 snapshots of 901 near the bridge later that evening, #1, #2 and #3.

Lani H captured video of 901 near the bridge, 6/23/2020.


901 (?) near the bridge 6 23 2020, video by Lani H

2020.06.24:  901 on the lower river, 6/24/2020 video by Erum Chad.


Sub adult bear 901 - LR Brooks Falls June 24, 2020, video by Erum Chad

2020.06.27:  151 Walker separates 901 from either 912 or 913, 6/27/2020 video by mckate.


27 Jun 2020 151 Separates 901 and 912 13, video by mckate

151 Walker separates 901 from either 912 or 913 again, 6/27/2020 video by mckate.


27 Jun 2020 151 Separates 901 and 912 13 Again, video by mckate

2020.06.28:  901 was seen on the morning of 6/28/2020 and observed to have an injury to her left front leg. She could be seen putting no weight on her leg in the beginning of the video, then seemed to put more weight on it as she walked. Video by Lani H.


901 (?) limping on front left paw 6 28 2020, video by Lani H

901 greets 812 upon his return. 812 is not friendly and charges her, 6/28/2020 video by Birgitt.


812 is Greeted by 901 Upon His Return 2020-06-28 00-11-48-232, video by Birgitt

2020.06.30: 901 (left) and 910 (right) play on the point, 6/30/2020 video by mckate.


30 Jun 2020- 901 and 910 Play

Video by mckate

July 2020:

2020.07.01: Erum Chad's 7/1/2020 video, Bear 820 pursuing bear 901.


Bear 820 pursuing bear 901 LR Brooks Falls Katmai 2020 07 01, video by Erum Chad

Video by Erum Chad

2020.07.04: Erum Chad's 7/4/2020 video with a close up of 901.


Bear 901 closeup LR Brooks Falls Katmai 2020 07 04

Video by Erum Chad

2020.07.05: 821 (left) with 901 (right) 7/5/2020 video by Erum Chad.


Bear 821 Pepper with 901 LR Brooks Falls 2020 07 05, video by Erum Chad

Video by Erum Chad

2020.07.07: A really nice close up of 901, 7/7/2020 video by mckate. "This girl has such interesting markings."


7 Jul 2020- A Nice Closeup of 901

Video by mckate

2020.07.16: Handsome bear 820 meeting his friend 901, 7/16/2020 video by Erum Chad.


Handsome bear 820 meeting friend 901 RW Katmai 2020 07 16 , video by Erum Chad

Video by Erum Chad

2020.07.16-07.17: Brooks Camp visitor Lee Pastewka (aka RiverPA) captured a 7/16/2020 photo of 719 (right) greeting 901 (left) on the spit road. Lee Pastewka also captured a 7/17/2020 photo of 901 on the beach.

Please request Lee's (aka RiverPA )  permission prior to using her photographs !

2020.07.18: 901 startles the sleeping 94s, 7/18/2020 video by mckate.


18 Jul 2020- 901 Startles Sleeping 94s

Video by mckate

2020.07.22: 901 on the lower river, 7/22/2020 video by Lani H.


901 on the lower river 7-22-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.07.23: Mckate's 7/23/2020 video, 901 plays with who?


23 Jul 2020- 901 Plays with Who?

Video by mckate

2020.07.27: 901 enjoys fish brains for lunch, 7/27/2020 video by mckate.


27 Jul 2020- 901 Enjoys Fish Brains for Lunch

Video by mckate

2020.07.28: 907 and 901 play, 7/28/2020 video by mckate.


28 Jul 2020- 907 and 901 Play

Video by mckate

2020.07.29: 901 (right) and 910 (left) are drawn to the log, 7/29/2020 video by mckate. "This log was sitting further upriver until yesterday when another sub dislodged it. The same old toy in a new spot is enough to entertain the subs."


29 Jul 2020- 910 and 901 Drawn to Log-2

Video by mckate

2020.07.30: 901 (0:57) and 910 digging on the riffles bank, 7/30/2020 video by Lani H.


901? and 910 digging on the riffles bank 7-30-2020-2

Video by Lani H

2020.07.31: Bears just want to have fun video by CamOp Kwaahu, 7/31/2020. 901 can be seen on the left at 14:34. The bear on the right appears to be 57.


"oh oh Bears just wanna have fuh un " 31 07 20

Video by CamOp Kwaahu

August 2020:  

2020.08.04: 719 steals 901's playmate, 8/4/2020 video by mckate. "The look on 901's face. 719 doesn't think you have to miss out on all the fun just because you're a mom. I think the playmate was 913."


4 Aug 2020- 719 Steals 901's Playmate

Video by mckate

2020.08.05:  Mazey captured 2 screenshots of 901 by the Brooks Falls platform on 8/5/2020, #1 and #2.

2020.08.08:  Birgitt captured 8/8/2020 video of 901 diving on the lower river.


901 Diving For Salmon on LR 2020-08-08 23-26-52-972, video by Birgitt

901 on the lower river, 8/8/2020 video by Lani H.


901 on the lower river 8-8-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.08.12: Mckate's 8/12/2020 video, 901 makes an appearance. "She's been kind of elusive since mating season ended. While she is known to dive for fish, when you compare her face to that of our frequent lower river diver it's not a match."


12 Aug 2020- 901 Makes an Appearance

Video by mckate

2020.08.16: 901 on the picnic spot, 8/16/2020 video by Lani H.


901 on the picnic spot 8-16-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.08.17: Beautiful bear 901 close up, 8/17/2020 video by Erum Chad.


Beautiful bear 901 Close up - LR 2020 08 17 Katmai Alaska

Video by Erum Chad

2020.08.18: 901 on the picnic spot, 8/18/2020 video by Lani H.


901 on the picnic spot 8-18-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.08.23: 901 and 907 meet in the riffles, 8/23/2020 video by mckate. "They played a little earlier in the season, but this meeting didn't look altogether friendly at least on 901's part."


23 Aug 2020- 901 and 907 Meet

Video by mckate

2020.08.24: 901 out near the oxbow, 8/24/2020 video by Lani H.


901 out near the oxbow 8-24-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.08.25: 901 from the spit to the lower river, 8/25/2020 video by Ratna Narayan.


Big beautiful bear! august 25th 2020

Video by Ratna Narayan

2020.08.26: 901 near the bridge and LR platform, 8/26/2020 video by Lani H.


901 near the bridge and LR platform 8-26-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.08.27: 901 resting at the spit, 8/27/2020 video by Hey Princess.


901 resting at the spit

Video by Hey Princess

2020.08.28: Mckate's 8/28/2020 video, 901 makes full use of the log.


28 Aug 2020- 901 Makes Full Use of Log

Video by mckate

2020.08.29: 909 has words with 901 on the lip, 8/29/2020 video by Lani H.


909 has words with 901 on the lip 8-29-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.08.30: Lani H's 8/30/2020 video, 901 on the picnic area.


901 on the picnic area 8-30-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.08.31: 901 gives "Bucky" the brush off, 8/31/2020 video by mckate. "According to the rangers, many of the other bears are quite scared of her."


31 Aug 2020- 901 Gives Bucky the Brush Off

Video by mckate

September 2020:

2020.09.01: 901 chases ?903, 9/1/2020 video by mckate.


1 Sep 2020- 901 Chases 903

Video by mckate

2020.09.02: Ratna Narayan's 9/2/2020 video of 901 on the picnic spot.


901 and mags sept 2 3030 RW

Video by Ratna Narayan

2020.09.03: Hey! Those are my scraps! 9/2/2020 video by mckate. "Mind if I check out yours? Now that wasn't real fair. That's 901 and Bucky."


3 Sep 2020- Hey! Those are my scraps!

Video by mckate

2020.09.04: 901 grazing under the bridge, 9/4/2020 video by Lani H.


901 grazing under the bridge 9-4-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.09.05: This 9/5/2020 video by Lani H appears to be 901, not 261. 901 can be seen walking along the far bank on the lower river.


261 (?) walking along the far bank 9-5-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.09.06: 901 scavenging around the lower river, 9/6/2020 video by Lani H.


901 scavenging around the lower river 9-6-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.09.07: Bookmom's 9/7/2020 snapshot of 901 on the lower river.

2020.09.08: 910 checks out 901's fish, 9/8/2020 video by mckate. "910's nose is as big as she is, I think 901 might still outweigh her."


8 Sep 2020- 910 Checks Out 901's Fish-2

Video by mckate

2020.09.09: 901 on the point, 9/9/2020 video by Lani H.


901 on the point 9-9-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.09.10: Lani H's 9/10/2020 video of 901 snorkeling on the lower river.


901 snorkeling 9-10-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.09.12: 901 in the riffles, 9/12/2020 video by Lani H. 901 resembles her mother 284 in this view.


901 in the riffles 9-12-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.09.12-09.17: Theresa Bielawski shared six photo of 901 on 6/11/2021, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6. The photos were taken between 9/12-9/17/2020. "The fabulous 901 in Sept 2020. Happy Friday all!"

Please request Theresa Bielawski's permission prior to using her photographs!

2020.09.13: 901 looking plump, 9/13/2020 video by Lani H.


901 looking plump 9-13-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.09.16: 901 in the riffles, 9/16/2020 video by Lani H.


901 in the riffles 9-16-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.09.17: Lani H's 9/17/2020 video of 901 in the riffles. 901 made a living there in the fall.


901 in the riffles 9-17-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.09.18: 901 in the riffles again, 9/18/2020 video by Lani H.


901 in the riffles 9-18-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.09.19: 901 goes scavenging on the lower river for a change of pace, 9/19/2020 video by Lani H.


901 goes scavenging 9-19-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.09.22: Lani H 9/22/2020 video, 901 fishes the riffles.


901 in the riffles 9-22-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.09.24: 901 looking very plump, 9/24/2020 video by Hey Princess.


901 looking very plump 09.24.20

Video by Hey Princess

2020.09.25: 901 is seen near the bridge in this 9/25/2020 video by Lani H.


901 near the bridge 9-25-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.09.27: 908 and 901 in the riffles, 9/27/2020 video by Lani H. "908 makes a catch, eats and then 901 comes out from by the platform when she leaves."


908 and 901 in the riffles 9-27-2020-2

Video by Lani H

2020.09.28: Lani H 9/28/2020 video, 901 visits the falls.


901 visits the falls 9-28-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.09.29: 901 in the riffles, 9/29/2020 video by Lani H.


901 in the riffles 9-29-2020

Video by Lani H

October 2020:

2020.10.03: 901 in the riffles, 10/3/2020 video by Lani H.


901 in the riffles 10-3-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.10.06: 901 Katmai's Fattest Sub! 10/6/2020 video by mckate. "Good gawd this girl is fat. Job well done!"


6 Oct 2020- 901 Katmai's Fattest Sub!

Video by mckate

2020.10.07: 901 sitting on the river bank, 10/7/2020 video by Lani H.


901 sitting on the river bank 10-7-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.10.08: 901 is seen sitting in the riffles in this 10/8/2020 snapshot by marymomo.

2020.10.11: 902 and ??? with an appearance by 901 on the right at 1:18, 10/11/2020 video by Lani H.


902 and ??? with an appearance by 901 10-11-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.10.13: 901 is seen walking on the lower river in this 10/13/2020 video by Lani H.


901 walking on the lower river 10-13-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.10.15: 901 and a sow and two yearlings in the background, 10/15/2020 video by Lani H.


901 and a sow and two yearlings in the background 10-15-2020

Video by Lani H

2020.10.17: 901 was last observed in the riffles in this 10/17/2020 video by Lani H.


901 in the riffles 10-17-2020

Video by Lani H

2021: 5.5 Year-Old Adult Female

May 2021:

2021.05.22: Ranger Naomi Boak stopped in chat on 5/23/2021 and posted two 5/22/2021 photos that were taken at dusk on the beach, #1 and #2. Ranger Naomi commented "Morning from Brooks Camp. When I thought that living in camp meant more bears and more sunsets I was right. I went to Naknek beach at dusk and what a glorious light. But the bonus -- bears. At first I tried to go down the path at the ranger station, but two bears were right there. So I went further down to the Visitors Center. There was a courting couple, and I do mean courting. I was thrown off at first because the female was following the male. They cavorted for some time. I have a video but can't upload from here. In answer to a question if the courting couple seemed to be young adult size Ranger Naomi commented "They did. The male has light tipped ears. They both looked young to me. Kara couldn't ID them either." Then I saw a sow and two cubs further down the beach who moved away when they saw the couple -- it was 284 and her yearlings. I took a picture and noticed that there was another bear way down the beach that I hadn't even seen. SO happy to be here. (Excuse the resolution. It was the only way I could upload)."

Ranger Naomi Boak stopped by chat again in the evening on 5/23/2021. The young "courting couple" has been determined to be 821 and 901. Ranger Naomi commented "Okay. The iD's of the canoodling couple are: 821 & 901. Confirmed by the bear monitor after she saw my video. I never saw them mate, but they were definitely courting, teenage-style. Bear monitor and Kara confirmed. I love the fact that bears usually don't just mate, there is actual courtship. I also thought 901 would come back with cubs."

June 2021:

2021.06.02: Ranger Naomi stopped by chat on 6/3/2021 to share that a boar was seen mating with a sow on 6/2/2021. "Speaking of treats...I have some news and some pictures for you.

As I was returning to my cabin to go off duty yesterday, I hear Ranger Nick on the radio: "Courting couple in the leech field." That is an area about fifty yards from my cabin. I head that way, staying safely behind Ranger Nick. And there they were. They had already mated, but the large male was standing, rubbing against a tree, leaving his mark. The female then left, coming towards us and moving down Park Avenue, where our cabins are. Ranger Nick and I then backed away because we knew that the male would soon follow his infatuation. He followed her, passing us within a few yards and coming within feet of Ranger Rylee standing in front of her cabin. Just another day in Brooks Camp.

Now, you tell me who this amorous boar is. (we know, but aren't telling)."

Ranger Naomi shared 2 photos of the amorous boar, #1 and #2.

Ranger Naomi later commented "Well, it looks like we have a lot of very smart bear cam lovers here. The amorous bear whose photo I posted this morning is 151 WALKER. Congrats, guys. Good detective work."

Update: Ranger Naomi stopped in chat on 6/25/2021 and announced that the sow 151 Walker had been seen mating with was 901.

2021.06.14 or prior: In an article published by alaskasnewssource.com on 6/14/2021, it was noted that the reporters had been at Brooks Camp in the past week.


There is a link to a video (also posted on YouTube) in which 747 is discussed. From 3:58-4:05, 747 can be seen courting a sow on the spit. The sow is believed by chatters to be 901.


Roadtrippin’- Camping with brown bears (Part 2)

Video by Alaska's News Source

2021.06.16: 901 seen for the first time on cams, 6/16/2021 video by mckate.


16 Jun 2021- Another Sub-Young Adult Returns

Video by mckate

2021.06.20: A sow was seen multiple times on the cams on 6/20/2021. Mckate captured three different videos. This sow is believed to be 901.

Video #1 at the falls:


20 Jun 2021- 901 Surfs the Falls?

Video by mckate

Video #2 on RW:


20 Jun 2021- Where are those fish!

Video by mckate

Video #3 on LR:


20 Jun 2021- 901 at the Mouth of the River

Video by mckate

2021.06.24: Brooks Camp visitor Krista Tippen (krista_the_explorer) posted an Instagram video of 901 on 6/25/2021. She noted that the video was taken the previous day, 6/24/2021. 901 seems to be tracking something. You can hear someone say at the end of the video "looking for the beaver."

Mckate's 6/27/2021 video of 901 in the riffles. A bear had caught a beaver there earlier. Maybe she caught the scent.


27Jun 2021- 901 in the Riffles

Video by mckate

LunaCre shared three gifs of 901 from 6/27/2021, #1, #2 and #3. 901 was digging and pouncing most of the day.

2021.06.28: 901 digs and scavenges for food, 6/28/2020 video by Hey Princess.


901 digs and scavenges for food 06.28.21

Video by Hey Princess

Buddys Mom's 6/28/2021 video, "Whatever you are, leave me alone!" It looked like something swam out from underneath the bank when 901 pushed it and it appeared 901 was frightened of it.


Whatever you are, leave me alone! Explore.org 6-28-21

Video by Buddy's Mom

2021.06.29: 901 on the lower river, 6/29/2021 video by Cheryl B.


6-29-2021 8-10 AM Bear on RW Explore.org

Video by Cheryl B

2021.06.30: 901 near the picnic area, 6/30/2021 snapshot by Debi (Bearz61).

July 2021:

2021.07.03: 901 on the lower river looking large, 7/3/2021 video by Itzy Holly-LO.


901 Looking big July 3 2021 explore.org

Video by Itzy Holly-LO

2021.07.04: LunaCre's 7/4/2021 gif of 901 pouncing and breaking up chunks of soil on the river bank.

2021.07.05: LunaCre captured this 7/5/2021 gif of 901 rearranging the grass on the lower river.

2021.07.06: 719 (left) and 901 (right) in the riffles, 7/6/2021 video by Hey Princess.


719 and 901 at the riffles Explore.org 07.06.21

Video by Hey Princess

2021.07.07: 901 is seen running in the oxbow area and catches a large fish, 7/7/2021 video by Casper Pike.


Sub antics 2021 07 07 21 28 59 explore com

Video by Casper Pike

2021.07.11: 901 fishes the J, 7/11/2021 video by mckate. "She make look like she's just bouncing around aimlessly, but we did see her walking to the island with a fish a little later."


11 Jul 2021- 901 Fishes the J (explore.org)

Video by mckate

September 2021:

2021.09.01: Brooks Camp visitor FFKDTP1 has a close encounter with 901, video taken on 9/1/2021. "Had an encounter with this beauty 9-1-21 while hiking along the river. Turned around and here it came. Stepped aside and watched it pass by and head into the water…"


Up close bear encounter, Katmai National Park

Video by FFKDTP1

Known Courting & Mating:


2020.06.23: 151 Walker was seen mating with a young, blonde sow on 6/23/2020, video  by Arlene Beech. Chatter opinion was divided as to the identification of the sow. Could it be 901 or 908? Mike Fitz commented about the mating pair on 6/24/2020. "151 Walker was seen on the River Watch cam copulating with a blond-furred female. However, I wasn't able to ID her from the webcam footage." In the 2021 Bears of Brooks River eBook, it was noted on 901's page (55) that "At four years old in 2020, #901 has already shown her self to be independent and already behaving like a young adult. She mated with #151."


May 2021:

2021.05.22: 901 was observed by Ranger Naomi Boak and Kara Stenberg courting with 821 on Naknek Beach, 5/22/2021 photo by Ranger Naomi. Ranger Naomi confirmed the identifications in 5/23/2021 comments."Okay. The iD's of the canoodling couple are: 821 & 901. Confirmed by the bear monitor after she saw my video. I never saw them mate, but they were definitely courting, teenage-style. Bear monitor and Kara confirmed. I love the fact that bears usually don't just mate, there is actual courtship. I also thought 901 would come back with cubs."

2021.06.02: 151 Walker was observed by Ranger Naomi and Ranger Nick mating with an unknown sow. Update: Ranger Naomi stopped in chat on 6/25/2021 and announced that the sow 151 Walker had been seen mating with was 901.

Known Litters of Cubs:

Add here

Known Relatives:

Mother:  284 "Elecra" ~ Speculated

901 is believed to be a female offspring from 284 "Electra's" 2016 litter.  284 "Electra" was successfully darted by Ranger Michael Saxton during his genetics study in 2016.  Future genetics samples obtained from 901 could confirm the speculation that 284 "Electra" is the mother of 901.  

Father:  Unknown

Maternal Grandmother:  708 Amelia ~ Speculated

901 is believed to be the granddaughter of 708 Amelia since 284 "Electra" is believed to be the 2008 offspring of 708 Amelia.  

Maternal Great Grandmother:  468 Reggie ~ Speculated

901 is believed to be the great granddaughter of 468 Reggie since 468 is believed to be the mother of 708 Amelia and grandmother of 284 "Electra" 

Genetics Study Samples Obtained:

There have been no known genetics study samples obtained of 901 by Ranger Michael Saxton in 2018.  

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