808 PIC 2017.07.xx NPS PHOTO RJEANNE SHARED 2018.07.22 02 ZOOM

808 July 2017 NPS photo via Ranger Jeanne July 22, 2018 (zoom)

Subadult Male

Year First Classified:  2017 Known Offspring Of:  Unknown at this time Genetics Study Samples Obtained:  There are no known genetics study samples obtained at this time.


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Distinctive Behaviors:

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Life History:


808 was first classified as a subadult male in July 2017.  He was observed again in the fall of 2017.

July 2017:

808 was observed in July 2017.  Mike Fitz July 21, 2018 comment:

Fall 2017:

808 was observed in fall of 2017.  Mike Fitz' July 21, 2018 comment.:


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For Furutre Use

Known Courting & Mating:

None known as of 2018 season

Known Relatives:

None known as of 2018 season.

Genetics Study Samples Obtained:

2017:  None Known

There were no known genetics study samples obtained from 808 by Ranger Michael Saxton.

2018:  Awaiting Information from Rangers

We do not have the 2018 genetics study samples information from Ranger Michael Saxton at this time.  We are awaiting information from the rangers.

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