6 Headbob / Bullet's NPS photos from the 2012 Bears of Brooks Camp iBook gif created by Xander-Sage

Adult Male ~ No Longer Seen

Year First Identified: 1988 as a young adult

Year Last Observed: 2010

Known Offspring Of: Unknown to us at this time

Genetics Study Samples Obtained: ?


006 Headbob / Bullett has an orangish-blonde coat, his left ear is flopped over, and has a dog-like muzzle.  He also has a thin lower lip and dark claws.  Overall, he has an old appearance.  

006 Headbob / Bullet can be confused with 211 Backbite who also has a droopy lip and ear, but 211 Backbite is darker, stockier, lower to the ground, and a more barrel shaped torso.  

Distinctive Behaviors:

006 Headbob / Bullett is one of the oldest and most recognizable bears in Katmai due to his preferred fishing spot at the top lip of the falls.  He was classified as an adult in 1988 and is believed to be one of the oldest bears frequenting the Brooks River.   Despite his old age, he frequently displaces younger males at the top of the falls.  In July, he fishes the lip, but will also fish the in the far pool and the jacuzzi, and he will occasionally steal fish.  He is often seen fishing in, or sleeping on the banks of, the lower river late in the season. When fishing at the top lip of the falls, 6 Headbob / Bullet typically stands in one spot waiting for fish to jump within range rather than shifting locations.  He can sometimes be observed holding his head out with his neck extended, then raising (bobbing) his head upward once or twice in quick succession as if sniffing the air.   After being observed for more than 20 consecutive years, he has not been seen since 2010.

Life History:

Year Unknown:

Park visitor and cam viewer, Cog Collins captured this photo of 6 Satulik / Bullet / Headbob.


6 Satulik / Bullet / Headbob was initially observed and classified as a young adult in 1988.  

July 1988:


October 2002:


July 2003:


2006 Season:

July 2006:

October 2006:


July 2007:

Park visitor mb1968ca captured this video of 6 Headbob fishing the lip in July 2007:

Huge Brown bear catches flying salmon

Huge Brown bear catches flying salmon. HD July 2007 by mb1968ca

2007.07.17:  Park visitor mb1968ca captured this video of 6 Headbob walking past the ranger station:

Must See!!!! Huge Brown Bear walking past Brooks Lodge Ranger Station

Must See!!!! Huge Brown Bear walking past Brooks Lodge Ranger Station. HD July 17, 2007 by mb1968ca

2007.07.21:  6 Satulik / Bullet / Headbob backs 604 Little over the falls.  Ranger Jeanne captured these photographs:  #1 (211 Backbite is the bear in the background) & #2 .

KNP&P captured this video of 6 Headbob backing 604 Little over the falls.:

6 Headbob and 604 Little July 21, 2007 KNP&P video-0

6 Headbob and 604 Little July 21, 2007 KNP&P video-0

"Panda" is a nickname we have seen pop up over the years, but we had never discovered a connection to a "known" bear prior to noticing a comment below the above KNP&P video where ShinetheLightofTruth refers to 6 Satulik / Bullet / Headbob as "Panda":

September 2007:


June 2008:

July 2008:


July 2009:

2009.07.26:  Ranger Roy Wood's photos (#1 & #2 ) of 747 vs 6 Headbob / Bullet after 6 stole 747's fish.


6 Satulik / Bullet / Headbob was one of the oldest bears that frequented the Brooks River when he was last observed in 2010.  He was observed for more than 20 consecutive years.  


6 Headbob / Bullet was included in the 2012 Brown Bears of Brooks Camp iBook.:

How 6 Satulik / Bullet / Headbob Got His Nicknames:

6 is a bear that has been identified with various nicknames over the years.  Park staff used the following nicknames during the years 6 was observed using the Brooks River.:

1986:  Satulik

It is not known to us how 6 was given the nickname Satulik in 1986.

1988 - 1994:  Bullet

Former KNP&P Wildlife Biologist, Tamara Olson gave 6 the nickname Bullet to reflect his disposition in the late 1980's.

1998 - 2001:  Headbob

6 would often bob his head up and down while fishing the lip of the falls, hence his nickname of Headbob.

2001 - 2005:  Bullet (again)

From 2001 to 2005, 6 was nicknamed Bullet again.

2006 - 2009:  Headbob (again)

From 2006 - 2009, 6 was nicknamed Headbob again.

Known Courting & Mating:

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Known Relatives:

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Genetics Study Samples Obtained:

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